The average male sprouts 25,000 facial hairs every 24 hours and adds half a millimeter of beard length daily. With that type of beard growth, it is very important to understand how to care for your chin sweater. Many people who have tried to grow beards, gave up because they do not understand proper grooming and beard care techniques which made for uncomfortable facial hair. With understanding of proper care and difference in hair care between regular hair and beard hair, you will have a new pep in your step and will instantly  bring up your beard game.

Traditionally, woman have been the big spenders when it comes to beauty specific toiletries, however for the first time EVER in 2013, we saw men spend more on male specific toiletries than on shaving products. This can be boiled down to a few conclusions, first being that men are caring more about their appearance, which has also attributed to men spending more on clothing and accessories. The second and easiest to jump to conclusion being that men are simply shaving less. But shaving less doesn’t mean you should skimp on beard care essentials and fundamentals.


Ever heard “I tried to grow my beard out, but I had irritation”? This is because when you stop shaving, your skin produces more dead skin cells that get trapped in the bristles of your new developing beard. Washing with a proper beard shampoo will help clear this up for you while replenishing natural oils stripped away by other shampoos and soaps. A cleansing conditioner will protect the skin underneath with an anti-itch PH formula. Washing your beard with regular scalp hair shampoo will actually make the irritation worse, leaving your beard hair dry, lifeless, and results in itchy beard hair similar to steel wool in some cases. Beard hair can trap smells such as food odor and cigarette smoke; another reason that proper care is needed to eliminate these odors and keep your beard smelling fresh.

Check out the step by step guide for application of beard shampoo & conditioner.

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Products such as a beard oils & butters will moisturize the skin and the hair from the follicle out while also softening the hair and preventing dry flaky skin known as “beardruff” (beard dandruff). An added bonus is that these products also help to keep your beard hair nice and manageable. Rub in lightly with a boar bristle brush or massage in with your hands and then comb through with a wide toothed comb first a few times before switching to the finer toothed side for a finishing comb through. This leads us to another deterrent of beard growth, without proper care these course dry hairs can end up pointing in all different directions and tend to make a beard look thin in areas, giving the illusion that a man cannot grow a full beard properly. A beard balm will provide a leave in conditioning effect while also providing a medium hold to maintain those unruly straggling hairs, providing a full and luscious man mane that smells great too!


Check out the step by step guide to application of beard butters, oils & balms.


The last step in keeping your beard in check, is to frequently trim your hairs. Not all hairs grow at the same length nor in the same direction. It is important to trim starting at the ears down to your neck in order to keep a nice level and even beard length throughout. These pointers will be sure to gain you some serious man points and bearded respect.


In 2012, Environmental Defence – a Canadian environmental organization, put out The Manscape: The Dirt on Toxic Ingredients in Men’s Body Care Products, a report to prove the presence of chemicals in Canada’s 690 million dollar male personal care product market. They tested 17 common male personal care products and uncovered that  “four products contained probable human carcinogens, five products contained chemicals known to harm male reproductive health and ten products had artificial musks, some of which are shown to disrupt hormones in animals.”

The report also proves that applying these chemicals on your body everyday is also linked to “cancer, birth defects, sperm damage, obesity, asthma and other chronic health problems. Phthalates, a group of chemicals found in most fragranced products as well as poly-vinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl flooring and car parts, are particularly harmful to male reproductive health. They have also been linked to risk factors for testicular cancer—the most common cancer among young men between 15-29 years old.” Don’t take our word for it, check out the report yourself here. Keep your beard fresh and under control through proper care and grooming. Head on over to our shop to find the best, all natural products that will make men envious and woman jealous.