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Beard Oil vs Beard Balm…we figured with how many times get asked this question, we may as well give a run through on the differences of each. Spoiler alert, this article doesn’t turn out like Batman vs Superman. Both products are actually complimentary to each other, and in this article you’ll take away some more info on how they work together so well.

First off, before we get into the nitty gritty of these beard care products Canada – we have to start at the root of the problem, which is the skin underneath your beard. Most people we talk to that are struggling with bad beard-itis have experienced some sort of beardruff (dry, flaky skin under your beard..aka beard dandruff). This happens for a few reasons, primarily being that you aren’t shaving. You see, that dreaded razor actually takes a thin layer of skin with it and helps clean out that dry dead skin, which without shaving can just accumulate under that man mane of yours. It is important to use a boar bristle comb like the one shown below, to exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin cells. Not only will this help with the dry; itchy, flaky skin – but it will also encourage the blood circulation to the hair follicles and move around natural oils, resulting in a healthier and thicker beard. The other reason behind bearduff is simply that we are too hygienic. Because of our obsession with remaining clean, we wash away important natural oils. To replenish these oils we look to beard oil or beard cream.

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Beard oil is just as it sounds, oils that our beard and face need to keep the hair and skin nourished and ultimately healthy. As un-manly as it sounds, you have to look at your beard like a flower. The skin underneath it being the soil, and the flower if not properly taken care of, ahem… we mean your beard, will not flourish as naturally intended. Now depending on the quality of the oil, we base this article off our premium ingredients found in our House Blends of course, will moisturize the skin (fighting dry skin) and even help prevent certain common skin conditions. In addition to moisturizing the skin it will also do the same to the beard hair, while also helping to repair broken and damaged hair strands. Especially in our extreme climates, bearded folks you need to add some beard oil Canada.

Now if your wondering what the heck beard cream is (also known as beard butter), well it is an alternative to beard oil. Some men are more comfortable applying a cream or some may be prone to oily skin, beard cream is the product for them. While it may not be as effective as concentrated beard oil, it can have a similar conditioning effect if used twice daily.

Beard balm is another staple among beard care products. Our beard balm is an oil based beeswax product that will help to keep your beard under control against curly straggler hairs. It helps everything stick together better, adding volume and creating a fuller beard. Where our House Blend products are able to really help is with the added premium exotic butters that provide extra volume and conditioning effect. Paired with beard oil or beard cream, this beard grooming product will seal in the moisture all day along. Because as much as we love beard oil, it can be absorbed quickly by the environment if not sealed in with beard balm Canada. Our cosmetic grade ingredients do not feel heavy on your beard and will be absorbed slowly over the course of the day, not needing to be later washed out.

So instead of asking beard oil vs beard balm, you should getting some beard oil and then using beard balm over top. When paired together, use less of both and you’ll be left with a beard that is sure to impress!

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  1. I never knew the difference between Oil and Balm, nor that you should use them both. I’ve been trying to grow a healthy think beard for over 2 months but never used products. I think that I’ll start using some.
    Great article, thank you!

  2. My husband likes to have me give him a trim instead of going to a barber. What can he do to make this easier? What kind of comb, scissors, styling products can I use to help make this a successful trim? It seems I always end up with a cut or two in between my fingers (ow!), hair tickling my nose (which I brush away with my “scissorhand” — dangerous), or I trim him too enthusiastically until there isn’t much left to style. It seems like the tools are just not fitting my hands, either. What is the best way to deal with these problems?

    Wife of Oomingmak

    • Patricia, we are concerned that the tools you are using might not be correct. We recommend going to see a barber to better shape his beard.

  3. Hey Sven, a fantastic article and one that sings true to what I preach and is exactly how I use these products, they work both hand in hand, oil for the skin (and beard) and balm for the beard (though also works on the skin). Beard oil will penetrate down to the skin quickly while a balm will linger mostly on the beard. They are made to be used together! Exactly like you pointed out.


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