Canada, We Salute You!

Today is a good day my bearded friends. A day of rejoicing. We come together to celebrate not only the first birthday of this company but also the birthday of our home and native land, Canada. Today I also reach out to you on a personal note, a thank you from me, the founder of Always Bearded Lifestyle™.

You must forgive me, I have been very busy with the growth of the company. You see, I’ve been doing some reflecting on the last year.  It has been a great  first year. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many of you out at events that I have been at, where we have shared stories of your beard journey. For those of you I have not yet met, you will be seeing more of me through the website in the near future to come.


A year ago today, Canada Day 2014, was launched live to the world.  I came to you with a few common goals. One was to continually pay homage to those that lived the lifestyle, the Always Bearded Lifestyle™. We saluted and brought people together with the hashtag #ALWAYSBEARDED.  I could not be more proud to announce that we have grown this hashtag from nothing to now being over 25,000 pictures tagged!

Further to this goal, our main vision was to make premium beard grooming products more accessible to Canadian customers. This all began with my own personal struggle to find beard grooming products in Canada, I wanted to take care of my beard but could not find what I needed.

We can all relate that our cold winters and hot summers can truly make our facial hair quite uncomfortable, we need products to help repair and maintain our man manes.  Over the last year we have developed relationships with 20 Canadian retailers spread across 5 beautiful provinces, as well as many Canadian online customers. I couldn’t be more happy to say that my mission to make beards across Canada better is really coming true.

To everyone that has shared in the journey of Always Bearded Lifestyle™, I salute you! Today is not just a celebration of the first year of creating better beards, it is a celebration of our great country. We live in the greatest country in the world. It’s no surprise that we are so polite, it’s hard not to be when you live in such a beautiful country.  Happy 148th Birthday Canada, we salute you!

To our friends to the south, America we salute you too. May the fourth be with you (sorry for the corny saying). But in all honesty, thank you to all of our American customers. Enjoy your Independence Day!

Until next time.

I enjoy watching flicks, meeting new people, drinking beer, and barbecuing. Not necessarily in that order. #alwaysbearded

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