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We are truly beside ourselves to have our website live on the world wide web, launched just yesterday on our beautiful country’s 147th birthday.  We appreciate all the great feedback we have received already from the Alway Bearded community. The truth is that without the internet we wouldn’t be where we are today; connected like the hairs that form a marvelous beard, and for that I hold a pint up to Tim Berners-Lee (he’s the guy who invented the web by the way) – we salute you!

You see, we started with an idea just 3 months ago, and idea to share the Always Bearded Lifestyle™ through saluting you on the daily.  As bearded Canadians we realized that it’s just too hard to take care of our beards and keep them looking well groomed while we pose for bearded #manselfies, because we have to order from out of country (thank goodness for Urban Beard of course).  So we decided to bring the products into Canada and sell them from our website, and be a Canadian distributor to small business shops like barber shops, tattoo parlours, and men’s boutique stores.  Because in the end it is small business that drives the economy and we want to enable that as much as we can.

Let’s put a hold on the story from here though, because we don’t want you to think we are selling out or that Always Bearded Lifestyle will change, for that I PROMISE it won’t! Sure, we are going to be showing you great products that will help your beard be more manageable, feel and smell better, but is that not worth celebrating? But we will never stop saluting you, you are the motivation behind us.

And for that reason we reach out to you again, asking for more ways we can salute you.  That’s why we started the Beard Blog, we want the “hairy” and bearded themed posts.  Tell us about the reason you grew a beard, or map out your ritual grooming routine, or even how the beard got the girl.  All you beard loving pogonophiles, tell us about why you love the beard so much, or how you can never go back to a baby faced man again.  Send us your creative and original posts because we know that the best content comes from the collective. And we promised to bring original content to our followers, please make note that we will be scanning your submitted content into a plagiarism scanner to make sure its 100% original, so don’t go stealing anyone else’s work – that’s not cool! We promise to salute as many original posts as we can, and the best one every month will receive a nice bearded package (ya, we know how that sounds) with some goodies from Always Bearded Lifestyle™.

So this is our first Beard Blog post, one from the heart that tells you how we got here, and how we want you along for the ride!  Very excited to start reading through your submitted posts.  Send them our way by emailing

We salute you #alwaysbearded

-The management

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