A Beard for All Seasons: The Always Bearded Guide to Summer Beards

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It was a long, hard winter, but the summer is here at last. After seemingly endless months of piercing cold, grey days, it’s finally time to get out there and enjoy all beaches, babes and barbecues that can fit into your busy schedule between now and Labour Day. As the old mercury starts rising and you begin to really feel that summer heat, some of you might be thinking about shaving off your bushy winter beards, but we at Always Bearded Lifestyle™ know that this would be the single biggest mistake of your life. Well okay, maybe that is a bit of an overstatement, but it’s still a pretty bad idea.

I mean just think about it: your beard has been your fearless companion throughout the longest, coldest winter most of us can remember — through the howling winds of January, the nacho cheese drenched night of Superbowl Sunday and all your horrible attempts at an Irish accent on St. Patrick’s day. No matter what the occasion, your beard was there to protect you from the elements, making you look like a manly badass all the way through. And now that the summer is here you think that you don’t need it anymore? Well, you are sadly mistaken my friend. The truth is whether your weathering a brutal blizzard on the slopes of Whistler or a blistering sandstorm at Burning Man, your beard always has your back. A properly maintained, well trimmed summer beard can help protect your face from sun and wind damage — and help you win first place at a Gerard Butler look alike contest all at the same time. While a winter beard is the best choice for keeping you warm, a summer beard is the most surefire way to look cool even in the sweltering heat.

Instead of shaving it right off, we recommend you just trim your beard into a fashionable and functional summer look. There are a number of great summer beard options [] for you to try on for size, so there’s just no excuse to revert back to a pre-pubescent boring McBareface this summer. There are a lot of cool barber shops that specialize in this sort of thing these days, just look for one in your area and they can create whatever style you want. Once you’ve had your look crafted by a pro, it should be easy to trim and maintain it yourself for the rest of the summer.

Finally, to keep your beard extra comfortable and refreshed, we recommend you first apply for preferred beard oil or butter, then add in the Always Bearded Lifestyle™ house blend beard balm. The balm is specially formulated to seal in moisture and even provides UV protection up to SPF 6. Check out our online store for some great fresh summer scented beard care products.

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