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new year, new beard sale on now - ends 1/02/2023

A day to celebrate follicles around the world!

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Today is a big deal. It’s World Beard Day!

We are in great spirits around the Beardquarters. It’s been a busy year. Forget New Years resolutions, World Beard Day is when we take buckle down and regroup as we look to take on our busy holiday season (known as beard season around office). More importantly though, we are making some Beard Day resolutions - and that’s to provide more value for our customers.

I write to you as I attend Fireside Conference in the beautiful Kawartha region. I am joined by 450 other entrepreneurs who come here to connect and learn, by the Fireside of course.

My main goal is to learn and gather inspiration and advice from others who are running a business like myself, and perhaps others who may have been in my place before.

Now back to my World Beard Day resolutions for a moment. I plan on producing two pieces of new content every single week moving forward.

From those who have met me at an event or trade show, you know I am very involved in my business.

I’d like to show a behind the scenes look into running a business, and show everyone some of the many hats I wear behind the scenes. The face behind the beard, persay.

The goal, is to let others gather some inspiration to perhaps take their side hustle and turn it into a full hustle. Because after all, it was only a few years ago that I made the jump and took ABL full time. 

Don’t worry, I’ll also create new content directly focused on all things men’s health and grooming as well.

For now I will sign off, but get ready for some great content to come.

Enjoy World Beard Day. For today we stroke our beards with purpose!


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