Beard better – your skin, hair and health could depend on it. 

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So you want to grow and rock an epic beard, right?... After all, that’s most likely what lead you here.

Well, you came to the right place - because we get it. We’ve been through the beard struggles and experienced the “beard pain.” But in time, it all worked out for us – and with the right guidance, it will work for you too.

It just takes a bit of effort and some of the right products to beard better. If you’re not looking after it properly, your beard is probably dry, itchy, coarse and flaky. These are common beard pains and are what lead us to produce the best beard products. We’ve done it with clean all-natural ingredients, which is why we are proud to announce we’ve been chosen as a finalist for a Clean Beauty Award for top Beard Care Product by CertClean (not to brag, but it’s a big deal in the nontoxic-beauty-product world.)

But enough about us, let’s fix your beard in 3 simple steps: 

  1. Clean it properly. 

If you’re using the same cheap shampoo on your face as you do on your head, stop that… immediately. First off, our scalps have tougher skin and PH balances than our face does, so you’ll need something designed specifically for your facial skin and hair.  

Sidenote: Most leading brand shampoos are packed with potentially harmful chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, dyes, and even synthetic musks that could potentially harm not only your skin but also your hormonal health. The skin is the largest organ on our body, and it takes just 26 seconds for chemicals we put on our skin to enter our bloodstream.

And you know what you're bound to get when you use chemical-rich head shampoo on your face? Dry skin, flakes, constant itch and brittle hair.

ABL recommendation: Use an all-natural, CertClean certified shampoo on your beard. It will help the skin just as much as the beard. (tip: don’t wash it with shampoo every day, 2-3 times a week will work).

  1. Moisturize and insulate.

Moments after a shower, your skin and beard will start to crave moisture. (Think about how we have to use a body cream or hand cream after a shower.) So, give it moisture. A proper beard oil or beard cream will add moisture to the skin and keep the hair nourished. The best time to add a beard oil or cream is right after a shower - when it’s dry, and the pores are still open. Once you’ve added oil or cream, insulate all that moisture with a beard balm. The beard balm will coat the oil and lock in the moisture. 

What happens if you don’t moisturize your beard? Your skin will be dry, and that’s when the flakes come. The hair will also be coarse, curly and brittle.

ABL recommendation: Use an all-natural beard oil or cream that has healthy ingredients that promote skin and hair health. (Argan or Abyssinian oil, for example, should be in the list of ingredients.) 


  1. Shape and style. 

Now that your beard is clean, and the hair and skin is nourished with oil or cream and balm; it’s time to comb and style the beard. By combing the beard, you’ll teach the hairs to lay down and stay together. Five hairs laying down makes for a fuller beard than five hairs going in all different directions. The additional benefit of the balm (as advised in Step 2) is to act as a styling product – it will lock in the moisture but also keep all the hairs together and volumized.

What happens if you don’t comb the beard? You’ll notice it’ll stay curly and you’ll have “fly away hairs” everywhere. By combing it, you’ll keep it tidy, and over time, it’ll naturally lay flat.

ABL recommendation: Use a wooden comb. Plastic combs transfer static electricity to the beard, which can make the hair stand up and out and add frizz (not good). A wooden comb doesn’t conduct static and helps to ensure all that good oil or cream and balm gets properly distributed throughout the whole beard.


There you have it, three simple tips that will help you beard better.

Have any questions? Need us to elaborate on any of these tips or suggest any products? Drop us a line. We’re here for you.

Make every day a good beard day.

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