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Introducing Founder Talks

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These have been some exciting weeks here at ABL. We successfully transitioned into ABLNET 2.0 and we are getting some terrific feedback from our customers already. Now before we get into that, we want to introduce you to Founder Talks. 

This new segment, narrated by yours truly, is an opportunity for me to tell you what is new and exciting with us here at ABL. I have spent too much time behind the scenes, working as hard as I can to ensure your beards stay healthy and looking their best. You can expect to see a short video from me every couple weeks talking about something new on our website, blog, or social media channels. 

It's all part of our new transparency mandate for ABL. It goes on far too much in the male grooming market, where customers buy a product they have no idea what sort of ingredients they are using on their bodies. Often using products that contain cancer-causing chemicals that are harmful to the body.

We want to explain to you why we use only the finest natural CertClean certified ingredients, and we want to tell you exactly what these ingredients can do for you. Just because you aren't eating it, doesn't mean it won't get into your bloodstream - remember that!

For you new customers, we want to make crystal clear to you what product you need to use and why. 

In the coming weeks, have a look out for some great new content that dives right into what goes into your favourite ABL products and why. 

Feel safe knowing that our products can help you take care of your beard, while also being good for your body!

We hope all of our fellow Canadians have a great Thanksgiving, and we hope you can spend some quality time with friends and loved ones. 

Remember, there is one more week to keep voting for us as a finalist in the Creemore Springs #CREATEMOREFUND contest. Voting can be done once every 24 hours and closes on Friday, October 13th at midnight.

We are thankful for all of our loyal and supportive customers and thankful for all the new ones to come.

Check out Founder Talks Episode 1 below.





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