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Happy 1st day of summer folks! Today is not just a regular Monday, it’s a summer solstice Monday  – something that has not happened since 1967. For today it seems as if the world stands still – and it’s pretty damn hot out there!

This entry into the beard blog is dedicated to provide some insight into how to keep your beard hydrated and looking great all summer long. Along the way you just might learn some summer do’s and don’ts for you bearded men out there.

In the summer heat you’ll be sure to encounter lots of perspiration. It’s important to re-hydrate those fluids, that means drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. Being hydrated means that your beard will grow healthy and strong vs being frail and dry. And while beer goes down really well in the summer heat, it will actually dehydrate you even more. So make sure and drink more water on the days you choose to enjoy some nice cold pints. That same rule goes for keeping a healthy diet in the summer. Think of your body as the soil and your beard as the flower….healthy soil = healthy flower.

In case you’re wondering, what’s with the picture of an ice cream cone with a spoon in it, here it is. Beards and ice cream cones just don’t mix. It’ll leave you with a sticky mess of a beard. So pick up a spoon, it’s the only way to keep all that ice cream in your mouth.

Lastly, we want to speak to you about the importance of using beard care products such as beard oil and beard balm. Beard oil will help to replace the oils that your beard needs to keep moisturized. But with the humidity of summer, you will find that the beard oil works best when used before applying your daily dose of beard balm. Our ABL house blend beard balm is designed with extreme climates in mind and works to seal in the moisture achieved from beard oil in order to keep that beard of your’s conditioned throughout the long days of summer. Our beard balm is also SPF 6 which helps to keep harmful UV rays away from the skin underneath your beard. Because smearing sunscreen into your beard is just not going to cut it this summer!

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