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Bergamot + Ylang Essentials Pack - Always Bearded Lifestyle
Bergamot + Ylang Essentials Pack
Bergamot + Ylang Essentials Pack - Always Bearded Lifestyle
Bergamot + Ylang Essentials Pack - Always Bearded Lifestyle
Bergamot + Ylang Essentials Pack - Always Bearded Lifestyle
Bergamot + Ylang Essentials Pack - Always Bearded Lifestyle
Bergamot + Ylang Essentials Pack - Always Bearded Lifestyle
Bergamot + Ylang Essentials Pack - Always Bearded Lifestyle
Bergamot + Ylang Essentials Pack - Always Bearded Lifestyle
Bergamot + Ylang Essentials Pack - Always Bearded Lifestyle
$ 56.25

$ 98.00

Bergamot + Ylang Essentials Pack

Why not get everything you need for proper beard grooming in one shot? Need the perfect gift for a special bearded someone? Take advantage of the essentials pack and receive 20% off buying everything individually. To top it off, this pack even qualifies for free shipping anywhere in North America.  What are you waiting for?

What's included:

- Anti-Static Man Sized Maple Beard Comb

(Daily combing helps to train hair to lay down better. This comb also helps to distribute product more evenly throughout beard hair)

- Bergamot + Ylang Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

(Cleans and conditions facial skin and beard hair)

- Bergamot + Ylang Beard Oil

(Conditioning oil to soften and moisturize skin and beard hair)

- Bergamot + Ylang Beard Balm

(Styling and volumized structure aid for unruly beard hair)

- Bergamot + Ylang Moustache Wax

(Wax to help keep unruly or drooping moustaches)


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Wil S.
United States

Excellent product, but personal concerns

Typically I don’t bother to write reviews if I don’t intend to purchase the product again; as my mother used to say, “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” I find myself penning this review today, however, because I do have nice things to say. Plenty of them. Enough that I’m willing to entertain the idea that with few changes, I’d be happy to return to Always Bearded for my beard care needs. To be fair, I came to ABL for their beard tarp during that bleak period where we were asked to cover half our faces (and most of our beards) in the interest of public safety. I already had a couple of companies that I used regularly for grooming products, but no one else designed a mask for bearded men quite as functional & classy as ABL. I still have those masks, and while I hope I don’t have a real need to use them again, I know that they’re the best of all that I tried during the pandemic. This love for one product fed my curiosity to try another, and I decided to go all out with the Bergamot & Ylang Essentials Pack. There is a lot of good inside this package: I love the mustache wax in chapstick form, the wooden comb is excellent, and I’m truly a fan of the scent: it’s fresh, crisp, and masculine–sometimes a difficult combination to find. Specifically, it brings to mind winter woods for me, but that’s probably all relative. However, my issues with the grooming products are technical in nature. First, ABL combines shampoo & conditioner into a single product. If you are a gentleman that prefers the convenience of the combination, then you’re in luck. As mentioned, it’s a wonderful scent, and honestly, I’ve had no problems with the shampoo aspect of it. I will point out that it is ridiculously thin–just thicker than water, perhaps closer to milk, but incredibly thin compared to any other shampoo or conditioner I’ve ever used. I honestly thought something was wrong with it, but the lather convinced me otherwise. Having said that, I am not one to choose the convenience of the combination when separating the products is the only way to get a true conditioning experience. I’ve made it work by using a conditioner from another company that I really enjoy, but would not continue to purchase it in the future when I can instead pair scents from the companies that do separate the products (there are many). My second concern is the limiter cap on the beard oil. Honestly, I probably give a slight edge to droppers solely because of the convenience and speed difference…but I’ve also worked with several limiter caps in the past without concern. ABL’s limiter cap is, in a word, unusable. I anticipated the problem when the instructions hint that if the user doesn’t prefer limiter caps, they can simply remove it and pour the oil directly. Sure I can. I can do that with any bottle of oil. I expect the companies I use to provide caps that work because it’s difficult to correctly pour the right amount of oil from a completely open top. I’ve tried multiple times, from multiple angles, and after numerous failed attempts, even tried to just widen the whole slightly–nothing worked. This is quite simply an unusable cap–while you can see that a tube runs through it, while I can blow through the cap–the oil literally does not drop out of it AT ALL. This is not an exaggeration: the limiter cap does. not. work. For a company that prides themselves on putting out quality products, this seems to be a tremendous oversight to me–and it is the reason that I will have to table this wonderful scent until if and when the company addresses this issue. So that’s it–the products are great, but the choices made by the company in their implementation are flawed, at least for me. If you prefer convenience, or if you don’t mind having to provide your own dispensing mechanism for your oil, then I’d really give these products a try; again, the scent is spectacular. But for me, while these may seem little things, they are deal-breakers. I will continue business with my other companies for the time being, but perhaps I’ll check back here from time to time to see if ABL decides to address these issues.

Mark L.
Canada Canada

Smells great, works wonderfully.

I used to get itchy skin under my beard and frequent psoriasis outbreaks so I wasn't growing out my beard, but after a bit of success with some of the beard cream and talking to a grooming expert, I decided to buy the Beard Grooming kit. Had to lookup the routine on the website, but the skin under my beard has been great ever since starting to use it in line with the routine, and it smells terrific. Can't recommend it enough -- the only 'gripe' I'd have is that I wish there was a card with a routine included in the box.

Sean S.
Canada Canada

Awesome products!!!

Love this companies products!! The best products that I’ve used and it’s CertaClean!!!

Always Bearded Lifestyle™ Bergamot + Ylang Essentials Pack Review
Karen K.
Canada Canada

Bergamot and Ylang essentials pack

Purchase for my husband. He has tried several companies products and some very good, some not so good but was very pleased with this grooming pack. Smells very nice.

A Always Bearded Lifestyle™ Customer
James H.
Canada Canada


It’s awesome Very motivating and fresh