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Beard Oil & Beard Cream

Products such as a beard oils & beard cream will moisturize the skin and the hair from the follicle out while also softening the hair and preventing dry flaky skin known as “beardruff” (beard dandruff). 

An added bonus is that these products also help to keep your beard hair soft, better smelling and all around and manageable. 

Whats the difference?

Beard Oils will tend to moisturize better and longer than creams, however creams can have the same effect is applied 2-3 times daily. Beard Cream is an alternative to oil providing a matte finish vs a shine that will come from Beard Oil. 

Application: Rub in lightly with a boar bristle brush or massage in with your hands and then comb through with a wide toothed comb first a few times before switching to the finer toothed side for a finishing comb through. Best results are achieved when paired with Beard Balm to lock in moisture all day long and provide hold against straggly fly-away hairs.

Side note: Beard Balm will give a slight sheen. In case you are going for the matte look - then just stick with the Beard Cream.