ABL Affiliated Program



Here at ABL, we are like family. We think of our customers much of the same, all part of our bearded family. Even for those non-hairy faced customers that are just affiliated with someone that is bearded, it makes you family too!

With some really great developments in the pipeline over the next month, we are officially opening our ABL Affiliated Program for recruitment.

We are looking for ambassadors that fit in well with our overall ethos for grooming, health, and well-being. 

 Here's how it works:

You apply directly through our portal here:

We'll send you an email requesting some baseline information about you, review your information, and let you know if you are accepted.  

Since this is our first time launching the program, we are looking to grow things out slowly and make sure nothing breaks along the way. Therefore we are only accepting a limited amount of applications.

What would you have to do?

It starts with taking care of your beard, and showing others how our products help you do that. We will ask that you also share any of our new posts and stories of interest to you. The more you do and share, the more people will be interested in learning more about how our products can help them. 

Why would you want to promote our products you ask?

Well, we are glad you are some of the overall benefits that will continue to grow. Besides promoting the best, award-winning products on the market we also give you:

1) Cold hard cash - yup thats right, we pay you for any customers you send our way. We give you your own affiliate link with a discount code to offer to any new customers you send our way. All sales generated (minus taxes and discounts) you'll get a 10% referral commision. Track all your sales in your own personal dashboard, watch the money accumulate and then have it sent to your paypal automatically at the beginning of every month!

2) Exclusive Discounts - You'll get your own ABL Affiliated discount code to use on

3) First Dibs- Access to products and samples of new products before they are offered to the general public

4) Virtual Meetups - Jump on a virtual call with our Founder - Sven Hansen, every month as he takes you through whats new as well as key product information that you can use to promote the products.

The link to apply is located here once again:

You apply directly through our portal here:

We look forward to meeting all our new ABL Affiliates and sharing new developments with you!

If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to email us directly at