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We begin in 2014, Sven Hansen sought out to grow his beard out after many years in the corporate world of sales. He always kept a short stubble beard, but began to want to grow it out longer while still keeping it well groomed and maintained. His journey would not be easy.
When growing his beard out, the skin underneath became dry and flaky. The hair curly yet course, would curl in and poke his face; more like a bristle pad was attached to his face that created a constant urge to shave it all off. These growing pains are what Sven today coins "Beard Pain™".
At the time, there was a resurgence of barber shops - and while beards began to become more and more popular, these barber shops were offering beard trims. Here he sought out help, however quickly realized that these barbers did not offer much in a selection of beard grooming products nor were they educated in why Sven's beard was so uncomfortable.
It was this that drove Sven Hansen to develop the Always Bearded Lifestyle™ House Blend line of natural beard grooming products.


 Our founder Sven Hansen, has seen much of his family plagued by Cancer. While researching what goes into a lot of men's grooming products - he stumbled across something very alarming. 

In 2012, Environmental Defence – a Canadian environmental organization, put out The Manscape: The Dirt on Toxic Ingredients in Men’s Body Care Products, a report to prove the presence of chemicals in Canada’s 690 million dollar male personal care product market. They tested 17 common male personal care products and uncovered that  “four products contained probable human carcinogens, five products contained chemicals known to harm male reproductive health and ten products had artificial musks, some of which are shown to disrupt hormones in animals.”

The report also proves that applying these chemicals on your body every day is also linked to “cancer, birth defects, sperm damage, obesity, asthma and other chronic health problems. Phthalates, a group of chemicals found in most fragranced products; as well as poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) found often in vinyl flooring and car parts, are particularly harmful to male reproductive health. They have also been linked to risk factors for testicular cancer—the most common cancer among young men between 15-29 years old.” 

It was at that moment that Sven Hansen knew that he only use natural ingredients proven to have benefits to the hair, skin, and body - rather than any potentially harmful synthetic ingredients.

All Always Bearded Lifestyle House Blend products have been formulated with the help of skincare professionals including chemists, specializing in natural personal care products. To add to that, all formula's have been CertClean certified, North America's leading certification for safer beauty and personal care products. This way, consumers can feel safe that our products do not contain any questionable chemicals.

For more information on our natural ingredients and the benefits that come with using them please visit our ingredients page.


Beards have always been around throughout evolution of man. You see, they were often used to symbolize the coming of manhood, as a boy couldn’t grow a beard to fruition until after puberty. From here beards became a status symbol of masculinity & virility, strength, honour, and wisdom dating all the way back to Ancient Egyptian times. Not much has changed over time.

Charles Darwin, the famous biologist suggested in “The Descent of Man” in the early 1870’s, a theory that suggested beards were a determining factor in evolution through sexual selection. This has been recently reaffirmed through modern biologists, concluding that there is evidence that a majority of females find men with beards more attractive than without. Shall we go on…?