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Beard Tarp™ V2 Harness Retrofit Kit
Beard Tarp™ V2 Harness Retrofit Kit
$ 8.00

Beard Tarp™ V2 Harness Retrofit Kit

Now you can retrofit any mask with removable drawcords, and yes that includes the original Beard Tarp™. 

The comfortably elastic drawcords allow you to set up your harness in a variety of ways and allow you to pull your mask up and down with it snapping back into place with little effort to make adjustments on the fly.

How will you tarp up?


- Change out your drawcord with the included comfortable elastic drawcords

- Attach toggle pieces as shown in the instructional diagram, choose what setup is most comfortable and worst best for you

- Save toggle pieces you don't use, you have the flexibility to switch out the setups in the future

- If you find the setup you always want to use; cut off the excess string, tie knots in the ends of the drawcords so the toggles don't slide off, and burn the ends of the drawcords to prevent fraying

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